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Why Choose Us?
  • We Manage the Claim
  • Lifetime warranty on all our repairs
    and paint
  • Every colour is eye-matched to
    achieve best results
  • We use high grade materials
    and equipment
  • We do not compromise
    on quality
  • We keep in touch with our clients
    through the process
  • Fast turnaround to get you back on the
    road as soon as possible
We never compromise on quality

We pride ourselves on returning the vehicle to its factory specification.

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What Our Customers Have to Say About Us
Emily Bohn reating icon

Flawless Gloss were so helpful when sorting out a big mess of an insurance job that was done on my car. They provided a great service and my car looked fantastic when it was ready to be collected. I am very grateful for the work they do.

George Maragoulias reating icon

Great service and excellent work standards. David was friendly and professional and made the whole experience smooth and effortless. Took the extra step to meet my expectations and help beyond the industry standards. Highly recommended.

David Galea reating icon

The Flawless Gloss team were a major help, from the first phone call, the welcoming staff in the office, who provided me with a lovely hire car, to the workers on the tools. Seeing the step by step process, the care they take in the pride and joy of someone’s life.

David Stryder reating icon

Flawless Gloss stand by their name. Repairs to my car were spot on. Can’t thank you enough for looking after my car. Great job guys.

Ola Ridera reating icon

Why would you go anywhere else, had a not at fault accident. These guys took care of everything. We got our car repaired and it looks beautiful. David made sure our baby seat got replaced and we had a new hire car waiting for us when we dropped off our car.

Sam Porter reating icon

My Audi got hit hard from behind. Flawless Gloss was recommended to me by a couple of people. They took care of absolutely everything. My car was repaired perfectly, the suspension was sorted and they even replaced the baby seat.

Sarah R reating icon

Thanks guys for the wonderfull job done on my car. My husband was going over it at home and even he said it’s a perfect job. Wish everyone looked after people like David from Flawless Gloss does.

Sheena Rexter reating icon

Great service!!! 10/10 My car was repaired at Flawless Gloss after a man hit me while I was parked. I received a nice SUV like mine as a rental car. May car was repaired beautifully, actually hasn’t looked this good since I bought it.

We work with all major insurance companies

Panel Beater Dandenong

Contact Flawless Gloss for Panel Beating, car repair, car spray painting and car restoration

Taking into consideration that your vehicle forms an important part of your life, it is imperative to keep an accident repair panel beater in hand. Life, being as unpredictable as can be, you’d never know when you might feel the need of one. Let us first understand what the job of a panel beater is.

Panel Beater

Repairing to perfection a damaged car which has met with an uncalled for accident, a panel beater in Dandenong area is able to bring back into shape the main and sub panels. A job of the panel beater does not involve only cars, which have met with accidents, but also old cars, which need car restorers in Dandenong area. They are able to bring back cars into original shapes as designed by manufacturers. Beating panels into shape, panel beaters use different techniques and metals and are able to manipulate it into its original shape. One of the most common methods used here is welding and of course small dents could be easily taken care of with a good paint job.

Car dent repair & Car body repairs Dandenong

Flawless Gloss and Repairs

Accidents, though unpredictable, a good panel beater can get your car back on the road in a jiffy with all dents repaired and all other necessary replacements done with precision. Here is where Flawless Gloss car body repairs in Dandenong area come into picture. With our qualified and skilled workers, you can get your car repaired and painted to an extent where no third party would ever know your car had met with an accident. Getting all that you require for the repair of your car under one roof, we, at Flawless Gloss make sure you do not need to run from pillar to post hunting for different jobs to be done. We have all staff at hand.

Our Services and Clients

With a reputation which has been unmatched for the past few years, we make sure our services reach up to customer expectations and offer services like

  • Panel Beater in Dandenong
  • Car Spray Painters in Dandenong
  • Car Restorers in Dandenong
  • Car Dent Repair in Dandenong
  • Car Body Repairs in Dandenong

We also provide spot repairs, replacement of parts and painting, wheel repairs, window tinting and windshield repairs, pre-sale polishing and repairs. In short, we undertake any sort of repairs connected to your car.

Car restorers & Car spray painters Dandenong

Our workers

Being a panel beater is not easy. You need to go through apprenticeship for many years and need to be skilled in a number of crafts, that too, with a lot of passion and persistence. Choosing only the best, we make sure your vehicle gets the ‘royal treatment’ and is returned to you in a condition which you could have only dreamt of.


Flawless Gloss makes sure that you have no regrets once you have made up your mind of handing over the responsibility of your car to us. With our hundred percent commitment, we quote prices which are highly reasonable and affordable. All you need to do is contact us and tell us your requirement. Our professionals will guide you and advise you in the right way so that you are spared of unnecessary hassles and expenditure.