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Why Choose Us?
  • We Manage the Claim
  • Lifetime warranty on all our repairs
    and paint
  • Every colour is eye-matched to
    achieve best results
  • We use high grade materials
    and equipment
  • We do not compromise
    on quality
  • We keep in touch with our clients
    through the process
  • Fast turnaround to get you back on the
    road as soon as possible
We never compromise on quality

We pride ourselves on returning the vehicle to its factory specification.

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What Our Customers Have to Say About Us
Emily Bohn reating icon

Flawless Gloss were so helpful when sorting out a big mess of an insurance job that was done on my car. They provided a great service and my car looked fantastic when it was ready to be collected. I am very grateful for the work they do.

George Maragoulias reating icon

Great service and excellent work standards. David was friendly and professional and made the whole experience smooth and effortless. Took the extra step to meet my expectations and help beyond the industry standards. Highly recommended.

David Galea reating icon

The Flawless Gloss team were a major help, from the first phone call, the welcoming staff in the office, who provided me with a lovely hire car, to the workers on the tools. Seeing the step by step process, the care they take in the pride and joy of someone’s life.

David Stryder reating icon

Flawless Gloss stand by their name. Repairs to my car were spot on. Can’t thank you enough for looking after my car. Great job guys.

Ola Ridera reating icon

Why would you go anywhere else, had a not at fault accident. These guys took care of everything. We got our car repaired and it looks beautiful. David made sure our baby seat got replaced and we had a new hire car waiting for us when we dropped off our car.

Sam Porter reating icon

My Audi got hit hard from behind. Flawless Gloss was recommended to me by a couple of people. They took care of absolutely everything. My car was repaired perfectly, the suspension was sorted and they even replaced the baby seat.

Sarah R reating icon

Thanks guys for the wonderfull job done on my car. My husband was going over it at home and even he said it’s a perfect job. Wish everyone looked after people like David from Flawless Gloss does.

Sheena Rexter reating icon

Great service!!! 10/10 My car was repaired at Flawless Gloss after a man hit me while I was parked. I received a nice SUV like mine as a rental car. May car was repaired beautifully, actually hasn’t looked this good since I bought it.

We work with all major insurance companies

Car Body, Smash and Panel Repairs in Melbourne

Car Body Repairs in Melbourne

When you need car body repairs in Melbourne, you want to find a panel beater who will fix your car right the first time around, to ensure that it is safe to drive and help you protect your investment. When choosing an auto body repair shop, there are some things you should take into consideration.

You should look for a shop that has a good reputation. If the shop is busy, take that as a good sign that many people are satisfied with the service they have received there. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the management or technicians. For example, you may need to know how long the repair is expected to take, or what kind of cars the shop has experience working on. The shop should be clean and organised, and the staff should be professional and helpful. Also, they should be willing to answer all of your questions patiently and stay

Flawless Gloss offers panel beating, window replacement, painting, custom work, and other car body repairs in Melbourne. They offer a lifetime warranty on all of their repairs and paint. With 25 years’ experience and up-to-date technology and equipment, you can be sure that you will get the highest standard of customer care and auto body repair at Flawless Gloss. Also, you will find

Smash Repairs Melbourne

If you have been involved in an accident in Melbourne, smash repairs are probably on your mind. These types of repairs typically involve some combination of techniques and services to get your car back to normal – or even better. Planishing uses a hammer held against a stake that is specially shaped in order to reshape a damaged section of your car’s metal. Welding involves using heat – either from electricity or from flame – to melt and stick together pieces of metal. Dents or scratches may need to be filled in with a special type of putty that forms a hard surface that can be shaped and painted.

Painting is usually the final – and a very important – step in your auto body repair. Paint safeguards your vehicle and can make it look amazing. Even if your accident caused only a small scratch or dent, the damage can spread if left unfixed. Repairing the paint quickly can extend its life and improve its ability to shield your car from weather and other hazards, such as pollution and salt water spray.

Flawless Gloss is an auto body repair shop in Melbourne. Smash repairs, custom work, and client satisfaction are their main concerns. From small scratches to major accident repair, their skilled technicians can return your car to its original state quickly according to your specifications and their quality standards, using up-to-date technology and tools. When you need a good panel beater, you can count on Flawless Gloss’s extensive experience and professional team to handle your Melbourne smash repairs.

Car Dent Repair

If your vehicle has suffered damage in Melbourne, car dent repair is available to make all evidence of the dent, scratch, or other imperfection disappear completely. The goal of auto body repair is to make it impossible to tell that the car was ever damaged. Flawless Gloss is committed to safe and fast repairs that get you back in your car as soon as possible. Their German made prestige paint and 25 years’ experience mean perfect results for your car, including identical colour matching.

At Flawless Gloss in Melbourne, car dent repair may involve filling a dent with a special putty that forms a hard surface that can be shaped and painted. Stripping the damaged paint and/or sanding may be necessary to achieve a paintable surface. Or, your repair may involve removing the panel and using a technique called planishing, where a special hammer and stake are used to reshape the panel. Finally, the panel is painted to perfectly match the existing colour and returned to the car.

When you get your car back from Flawless Gloss, it will look and drive exactly as it did before your accident, or better. They are committed to working with you to find solutions that fit your budget and making sure that you are completely satisfied with your repairs when you leave, and, with their lifetime guarantee on repairs and paint, for years after. Contact the skilled experts at Flawless Gloss for your free estimate.

Hopefully you will never be involved in an auto accident. However, the fact is that they cannot always be avoided. If lipitor reviews your car has been damaged, you are probably looking for a body shop in Melbourne for car body

Melbourne car body repairs involve a number of generic viagra review processes; the requirements of your vehicle will depend on your specific damage and other factors such as the type of car you have. Services that damaged cars may require include panel beating, wheel repair, window replacement, spray-painting, or mechanical repairs. At Flawless Gloss, technicians are skilled at performing repairs on many different kinds of vehicles using a variety of materials and techniques.

If you are looking for online indocin a place in Melbourne for car body repairs or other body work, keep in mind that cialis nebenwirkungen Flawless Gloss provides not only smash repair but also custom restorations and a wide range of other services. They offer a lifetime warranty on all of their repairs as well as on their paint, which is German-made high quality paint that is expertly colour matched to meet your needs. When you choose Flawless Gloss you can be confident that their top priority is your 100% satisfaction. They will focus on you as an individual and will work closely with you to find your optimal solutions. You will never be out of the loop, because Flawless Gloss stays in touch with you throughout the entire process.

Panel Repairs in Melbourne

High quality panel repairs in Melbourne are not hard to find. Flawless Gloss offers a range of services including smash repair and custom restorations for cars, motorcycles, and boats. Whatever your individual situation, their professional panel beaters will assess the condition of your vehicle and determine the right course of action. They consult with you on every decision and are equipped to work with any insurance company.

Some of the services you might need include planishing, filling, welding, and painting. Your panel repairs may involve removing the affected panel and using a special planishing hammer to reshape the metal. Depending on the damage, dents or holes may first need to be filled with a special flagyl dosage putty that forms online cialis generic a hard, shapeable surface. Finally, the panel will be painted to exactly match the existing colour and replaced on the vehicle. In mechanical repairs may generic lipitor also be necessary. Flawless Gloss includes your input in the entire process.

Flawless Gloss is committed to complete customer satisfaction. They will work with you to help determine an appropriate course of action for your vehicle and offer services that fit Aciphex online your budget thanks to their competitive pricing. During your repair, they stay in touch with you every step of the way, and offer Facebook and Twitter contact for your convenience. Over 25 years’ experience, highly skilled technicians, and German made prestige paint for perfectly matched colour mean that when you need panel repairs in Melbourne, Flawless Gloss is the perfect solution.